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Mindful Dance...dancing and living mindfully.

          Hello, My name is Bieje Chapman and welcome to Mindful Dance, my dance instruction website and blog.  Before you explore the site I'd like for you to know my story, why I have this site and why I teach and have a blog and do all the other crazy, wonderful, artsy things that I do.   And, find out why this site is named Mindful Dance.

    A few years ago I had a major life shift.   The universe has a way of jolting us awake and presenting that fork in the road.  My fork was being faced with a loss of two family members and a spinal condition that seriously affected my performance career.  The only thing that I was able to do for quite a while was teach.  But, I've loved teaching equally to my life as a performing artist; it was a gift to see my students every day.  During this time, however, I realized how it was time to embrace what it means to be aware of my life and what I wanted out of it, how I wanted to connect with people and really striving to live an authentic life.  It was time to be MINDFUL- a mantra I have been using for quite a while but never really assimilated.  

    Dance is life for me and life is a dance.  I come across all kinds of people in my life as a teacher and all different types of partnerships.  As I have recovered into a newly healthy person and incorporated a new sense of what it means to be MINDFUL of my body, my heart, my creative spirit, it has also given me a new sense of MINDFULNESS in working with my clients.  To be even more aware of a dancer or couples need for clarity, patience, fun, understanding, joy in accomplishments and mistakes, personal creativity...this is what I hope MINDFUL DANCE will be.   

   If  my story resonates with you, and you would like to try a lesson, hire me for a class/workshop, or just connect as a fellow artist,  feel free to contact me.  Its always great to share dance and the arts with people who love to love life and strive to live it...to dance it MINDFULLY.



                                      Mind-ful adj \'min(d)-fel\

bearing in mind, to be aware

Mindful Dance adverb \'min(d)-fel 'dan(t)s

awareness of body, mind and soul in the dancer













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